Green Alliance

Bald Guy is pleased to announce that he and his .org Now or Never Media are new members of the Green Alliance. It is an association of businesses and individuals in the greater Seacoast of NH/southern Maine that share an active concern for sustainability.

Just as you can’t be cool unless somebody else says you’re so sustainable is a matter for some measure and the Green Alliance provides such a measure looking at all of the operations of a business before accepting it as part of the alliance. Now accepted should the credibility of the measure be investigated? Membership has its price. But we’ll leave our muck raking of worthy organizations like Exxon as you can see in Tom Jackson’s
Out of Balance. (Don’t worry Tom, we’re not claiming the film as our own. We only edited and shot it for you.)

Bald Guy will be focusing on many of the businesses of the Alliance as well as the Alliance itself in the time ahead. This week we’ll be off to the Solar Store, a part of Solar Stores across America. The Dover, NH version is the
SEA (Seacoast Energy Alternatives) SolarStore.

Last week we were on tour with Carol Shea-Portewho visited the Solar Store, the Habitat for Humanity
ReStore, and a LEED Certified home in Portsmouth built by Little Green Homes. Here’s a little of that tour:

There’s something happening here. And while it ain’t exactly clear... it is happening here. It’s the solutions to climate change. It’s plural solutions, not THE SOLUTION, rather the many intelligent responses many people are pushing forward to respond to the reality of climate change. Such solutions are varied, sometimes complicated, sometimes simple, but driven by a spirit of invention and creativity. ONWARD!

Thanks Sarah Brown for an alliance of the like-minded, and a model that others can follow, join and create in their own way.

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