Bald Guy on Climate Change is Bill Rogers and the Now or Never project cropped real short. Now or Never is led by Melissa Paly (project director), Peter Vandermark (director of special initiatives) and Bill Rogers (director of directors).
But who in the world is Bill Rogers?

Well, first he's a bald guy. Or a mostly bald guy. Or a minimally haired guy. And as spokesperson for the bald guy he is talking from the heart about that most important subject (deep, thumpingly serious drum beat): CLIMATE CHANGE.

You see this climate change stuff is all around us. It's in our bones. Bill even wonders if climate change is the root of his hair challenge.

And he's gonna find out, even if he has to pull his hair out!
Bald Guy by Valerie Schoman

So why not call this Bald Guy project "Bill Rogers on Climate Change cut real short"? Because Bald Guy on Climate Change is so much better.