Hip Boot Tour

I was just reviewing footage from the Hip Boot Tour put on by Clean Air Cool Planet. It was designed to dramatize what it’ll be like around here with the presumed sea level rise projected for the not-so-distant future.

The first part of the event was presentations and two really stopped me. They were OBSERVATIONS of accelerating movement of glaciers in Greenland by scientists Gordon Hamilton and Mark Fahnestock at UNH and UMaine.

Glaciers always move. They are either expanding or contracting - getting bigger or smaller. So moving glaciers are not news. But these powerful forces are now moving QUICKLY, accelerating in their outlets by the sea. In one series of time-lapse images a researcher jumps out of his tent startled by the sound of a massive movement from glacier to iceberg as a huge part of the flow falls into the water. It’s when climate change stands in front of us.

Like Katrina, like 100- year storms in back-to-back years. It’s happening in front of us.

One iceberg doesn’t raise the level of the ocean. But it’s something we can see – or at least we can see through the eyes of others.

We’re focused on solutions here at Bald Guy on Climate Change. And the moving glaciers show why it matters to look.

And then, back at the CACP event, we headed out to Hampton Beach where hip boots acrobatically entered by Clean Air communication director Bill Burtis were another way to see the rise that is likely coming. Will we need them to get the mail at our house 10 miles from the coast?

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