Number Seventeen

You may have noticed a certain discontinuity between the Bald Guy on Climate Change chronology and the turn of the seasons you see around you. Well, as we post new Bald Guy clips they get placed on our YouTube site for placement on this site (or any other site) when needed. So if you are looking for a particular clip (like the recent clips on the Solar Store) you can find all clips (at least until a new thing comes along) at YouTube.

We created one of our Bald Guys for Jack Bingham and his SEA (Seacoast Energy Alternatives) Solar Store. That’s Bald Guy 034. But we all liked it so much we decided to make a TV commercial for Jack’s operation. Cause people gotta to know about this thing. Bringing solar to Main Street.

Being challenged in the linear presentation of things I’m posting the final TV spot – which came AFTER the Bald Guy clip where we first discovered the Solar Store. Here it is. If you go the YouTube site you can click on the HD button on the bottom of the clip and see it in full HD (use the fullscreen button for a treat).