A-Ha! Social Media Business Summit!

I was glad to be invited to be a panelist – Entrepreneur Successes Panel – for the NH Social Media Business Summit sponsored by
PSNH, The Common Man Diner and run by Allen and Lani Voivod, gurus of Epiphanies, Inc. The topic of the day: how businesses can use social media to reach YOUR target audience. Held at the Energy Park at PSNH Manchester it is always a challenge for me to ID the locale on the map as Google seems to give me every substation for the PSNH address. But I found it and I found Allen and Lani.

Through the Summit I learned lots about how to integrate Facebook (their primary focus for this session) into a blog centered life and business. They also spent time on how we might integrate our personal and professional worlds, being real to each. Thanks A-Ha! people for the epiphany of my day, a mantra for us as we approach partners: “We don’t want your money, we want to serve your audience.”

Thanks to Allen and Lani Voivod,
Public Service of New Hampshire, The Common Man, Jim Tyrrell for inspiring music and Paul Boynton for his book Begin with Yes.