Hair Brain!

Quite a few years ago I wrote a screenplay – with friend and writing partner Tom Hunter –about a guy who discovers a cure for baldness. Sadly, the hair grows inward as well as outward turning happy customers into maniacal killers. I don’t remember how advanced my current hair line was then, but I was certainly heavily into the research. I don’t want to give away too much – of the plot, that is – as one of these days you’re likely to see HAIR BRAIN (at 2 AM should your insomnia have you), but turns out “The solutions the solution.”


This is the phrase that Arnie, our harried inventor of HAIR-GRO, hears echoing though his head.

And it’s been echoing through my head lately as we meander down the road of climate change solutions. We’ve been on this project,
Now or Never, for a couple years now. We’ve been learning, seeing, participating in the climate change solutions in our proverbial (and sometimes literal) back yards. Jumping forward from the Union of Concerned Scientists Indicators of Climate Change in the Northeast we’ve seen such action lead the way towards a more sustainable future.

Yet the kind of systemic, societal, global change needed makes changing a lightbulb, or as a colorful local at one of our town meetings said a few years ago like “Pissin’ in the Rivah.”

We need big changes in our patterns of energy consumption, and we need them NOW.

Now or Never is, of course, a rhetorical flourish. We don’t live in the never, we live in the NOW and that’s all we got. So how can we make the now more engaged towards a better future and not a now more like never? As the sectors approach in the Climate Indicators shows – the wedges of change – change in each area, when made with change in other areas adds to real and overall change. Positive change can be a feedback loop where one change in one area helps another change become real. On a problem side we’re seeing feedback loops where melting snow and ice creates more warming by exposing abosorbing land and water as opposed to reflective ice and snow. We need feedback loops where the reverse happens.

We can look at the issue of climate change in two ways. From the problem side, reducing total greenhouse gas emissions in any substantial way is ridiculous, folly, impossible in any real way. Why even try? It’s “Pissin’ in a Rivah!” Change a lightbulb and you get dim light.

But wait a moment and you’ll see the light. Just takes a few seconds to warm up to be even BRIGHTER than the round thing you replaced with the swirl.

I belong to a club that accepts someone like me as a member. There’s a story passed around those circles: As you look at the problem – any problem – the problem grows. But as you focus on the solution side the solutions begin to expand; magnified, amplified. And the solutions begin to get all the attention. It’s like social media. As a small niche begins to attract followers and interest it has a way of commanding wider interest. And that interest becomes a focus and a story.


Now or Never and Bald Guy are dedicated to the idea that the solutions the solution. As we magnify and amplify those decisions, inventions, modifications, discoveries SOLUTIONS, we find so many more. And the solitary actions taken by a few become compounded by the actions taken by others. And industries are born out of this. As Bill Clinton said, “It’s the economy, stupid.” By amplifying and magnifying the solutions we are bringing them into the center of our real economy. Solar is not a pioneering plan to save the earth, it is a real viable industry because it works. It heats houses. It powers swirly lightbulbs (or regular lightbulbs if you want to gobble the energy that way).

Got to run to an appointment but will get to part two later...

-Bill Rogers aka Bald Guy